Sunday, December 10, 2006

COMING HOME - August 2006

Dear Friends & Family,

I am headed home (for the time being)! Home… to the land where shampoo, lipstick and batteries are now considered terrorist ‘carry-on’ items. I haven’t yet figured out quite what (and how) it is permissible to pack while traveling through Europe to the US. It’s a strange and turbulent world we live in. Essentially, there is just not enough love, and not enough faith. Somehow, sharing the power of the hope God has given us must be ‘lived’ in a very potent and palpable way. I feel a pretty shabby witness to this most of the time.

There is so much more that could be told or written about life in this corner of the world, and in truth, I’d planned another email, but time has run out. I need to be packed and ready to go from Kabala within the hour, and Aaron is beginning to ‘eye’ me skeptically. It’s been really helpful to me to ‘process’ what I’ve been learning through writing these emails, and I hope that they haven’t unduly clogged too many mail boxes. It’s been great to hear from some of you in the process.

In short, Aaron’s research will likely continue until about this time next year. It is now our (tentative) plan that I will return to the States until sometime late December, and that Aaron will make a short return to the US from mid-October until mid-November to meet with his advisor (and be with me!). This timing will also likely permit us to be present for the birth of a new Jackson nephew in early November! I plan to return to SL for a few months around January & February (much more preferable months to skip out on being in Michigan than these beautiful summer ones…).

Much love,

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